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At Rogero & Williams we specialize in wind and hail damage restoration. We understand, that for most people, your home is the largest investment that you will make.  Your roof is the single most critical element protecting your home, and after a storm it is quite unnerving when your roof has been damaged.  If your roof is damaged to the point where it will leak, we will perform emergency repairs to prevent further damage to your home. Once we have completed a free inspection, we will assist you in filing an insurance claim.  We will meet the insurance adjuster at your home to ensure that the damage to your roof and home is accurately identified by the adjuster.  In most cases, insurance companies use the same estimating software that we use, and we will replace your roof for the claim amount that your insurance company determines.  Once your claim has been settled, we will typically begin work on your project within 3-4 weeks.  The time to complete your project will vary depending on several factors however, most residential roof replacements are completed in one day.

In most cases your roof is 40% of the curbside view of your home.  Whether your roof is leaking or just degrading the beauty of your home, we can help.  One of our professionals will look at your home and discuss with you your needs and desires.  Once we have an idea of what kind of roof you want, we will quickly prepare a proposal for you.  Upon acceptance of our proposal, we will typically schedule your project within 3-4 weeks.


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Many times when clients contact us to have their roof replaced, we find that it has been storm damaged and that the replacement is covered by insurance.

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